Amirhossein Ghorbani

Senior Software Engineer

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 989168086844


Location: Iran - Tehran (Open to Relocate)

About Me

Experienced software engineer with over 6 years of expertise. Led development of survey software and improved the leading bus ticketing software’s performance by over 100% at Alibaba Travels Co. Implemented promotions, streamlined CI/CD, and created alerting services. At SepidSystem, refactored Safe Deposit Boxes software, introduced a dynamic workflow engine module, and implemented a biometric-based user authorization solution. Known for strong analytical and problem-solving skills, consistently delivering solutions that exceed expectations.


Alibaba Travels Co

Senior Software Engineer

2023 - NOW

• I played a pivotal role as the lead software engineer in the B2B Merge project, successfully combining a separate B2B travel project into our B2C project. This effort significantly reduced costs for the company and led to major changes in our microservices structure to better understand the B2B system.
• Improved existing platform and base project issues and bugs through comprehensive refactoring, introducing innovative solutions, and seamlessly integrating them into base projects to enhance overall performance.

Alibaba Travels Co

Software Engineer

2021 - 2023

• Developed a survey service to manage rate and reviews for vertical services with over 10K surveys per day.
• Successfully refactored the leading bus ticketing software in the country, achieving more than 100% increase in performance and setting a new record of one sale per second.
• Led the implementation of promotions for bus services, enabling users to receive discounts on different routes and managing stakeholder expectations.
• Streamlined the CI/CD pipeline by implementing a new solution that utilized Docker caching layers, resulting in a 200% faster delivery process.
• Implemented domain events and reduced coupling in the bus service components, resulting in a more efficient and scalable system.


Software Engineer

2019 - 2021

• I have refactored Safe Deposit Boxes software (Used by most of Iranian banks) to achieve better processes and workflows.
• Developed a dynamic workflow engine module for the Safe Deposit Boxes service, enabling real-time design of custom workflows to fit each bank’’’s specific needs.
• Created a Migration tool to facilitate offline database conversions from old to new versions in banks’ data centers.
• Implemented a biometric-based user authorization solution, requiring users to utilize a fingerprint or face detection device to access their active contract box.


Backend Developer

2017 - 2019

• Generated workflow statistics and analytics reports using complex SQL queries based on data from the workflow engine.
• Developed various features for a dashboard management system in a Financial Service, including functionality for managing users, transactions, merchants, and more


Shamsipour Technical and Vocational College

BA Software Engineering

2017 - 2019

Attending the best technical college in the country was an incredible opportunity for me to learn and expand my knowledge in Software Engineering. Throughout my academic studies, I was exposed to a range of exciting and interesting topics, including algorithms and data structures, operating systems, databases, network systems, math and logical circuits. These academic topics have proved invaluable in my technical career, allowing me to apply my theoretical knowledge to real-world situations and develop practical solutions to complex problems. I truly believe that my academic studies provided me with a strong foundation that has allowed me to excel in my professional career as a software developer.


Technologies : .NET Framework, Web Api, WCF, Git, T-SQL, SQL Server, Redis, EF Core, Dapper
Proficiency in : TDD, DDD, UML, Software Architectures, Algorithm and Data Structures, Design Pattern, Refactoring, Architectural Patterns, Microservices, Agile Methodologies
Tools : Docker, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, Elastic, Grafana, K6, TFS, Jira, Microsoft Teams


English: Professional Working Proficiency
Persian: Native

A Little More About Me

At the young age of 14, I discovered my passion for technology and began teaching myself programming through books.
This passion for programming continued to grow, leading me to pursue a degree in Software Engineering through college and university.
In my free time, I enjoy playing games and going for runs, but studying new technology and reading books related to my field is a major hobby of mine.
I find that music and coffee are my go-to sources of energy, helping me accomplish great things and stay focused on my goals.